Anime That Have Resonated With Me

As cliché as it sounds, anime has a special place in my life. It has done for a long time and probably will continue to have this place for a long time to come. But - clichés aside - I'm not going to be talking about anime as a whole. Today, I'm going to be talking about certain series that have resonated with me for different reasons.


3 Harem Anime You Should Know About || Anime For All

This week, we’re looking at a genre with less options than most, but the characters have plenty of options... That's right - it's the harem genre.I've mentioned a couple of good harem shows already in my Anime For All series but, with a post dedicated to the genre, what am I recommending this week?

Top 10 Touhou Doujin Songs

Touhou is one of those gaming franchises that you've most likely heard of once or twice, but never really gone out-of-the-way to find out what it's all about. Touhou has become an integral part of Japanese internet culture, and this success is due in no small part to the incredible covers and remixes of Zun's original compositions.