I am aware that I’m pretty late with this post, but this week has been pretty hectic concerning the society. We’ve had our last official socials of this year and that makes me pretty sad, if I’m honest. The society is a very big part of my time at university and to say it’s all over until September… Wow.

Anyway, this week’s anime was pretty rad, if I’m honest. Why? Well, we eventually voted out JoJo after a very long nine week run! ^-^ Unfortunately, I did sit out on one episode by mistake, but I will watch it in my own free time (once I get some due to deadlines!) and I’ll update the post once I’ve done so. c:

  •  High School Fleet – Episode 2
    I was right in thinking this was going to be popular within the anime society! This episode saw the girls worry about their mutinying, rescuing foreign exchange students, being attacked by another ship and much more. High School Fleet is a very action-packed anime but it’s just so adorable at the same time. This is definitely one I’ll be continuing to watch over the summer!


  • Unbreakable Machine-Doll – Episode 1
    Now, normally, I agree with the guy who requested this series on a lot of anime. This one? Not so much. Having to have watched the dub (which the guy who requested the series also commented on, saying it was terrible), I feel my opinion isn’t quite justified just yet. I’m planning to re-watch this episode in sub instead, in hope that my opinion of this series will change, but something is telling me it won’t. Maybe it’s the somewhat-apparent sexually frustrated Aya that is already quite annoying, maybe it’s not just for me. Who knows?


  • Sakamoto desu-ga? – Episode 3
    I must admit, last week I didn’t give this show enough credit. This week? I, along with everyone else who had their doubts within the society, were in hysterics. The jokes are simple, don’t get me wrong, they’ve been done thousands of times, but the way they’re pulled off within Sakamoto appears to be somewhat unique. This week’s episode has without a doubt made me more interested in this series and it’s definitely one I hope to continue over the summer.


  • Koutetsujou no Kanberi – Episode 4
    Admittedly, this is the one I accidentally sat out on due to grabbing a coffee and then beginning to chat to the people outside the café, but I’ll either make a post dedicated to this one particular episode or simply just update this one. Word around, however, is that this is a great episode.


  • Boku dake ga Inai Machi – Episode 12
    One of the series that we have finished together as a society! I am surprised that this was kept in until the very end,  but I’m glad it was. Erased is a great story, even if I still think the end episode could have been wrapped up differently. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Would I watch it again? Not for a third time, no. Or at least not for a while…


So, that’s my very brief review of the shows that we watched this week in the final society meeting of the year! You may be wondering where my post about the Evangelion movies are. Well… I can’t exactly make a post on them, considering I fell to asleep during them. :’) Instead, I’ll be sure to deliver a post about the film night we had last night – the President’s Pick. Which film will it be, I wonder?~

Until next time!

– Amelia xo


30th May 2016 – Spelling error of one of the titles.


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