About Me

Have an old selfie of me! (Really need a new one ><)

Hello! I’m Amelia and I’m a 22 year old girl who has fallen deep into the world of anime. I’ve been a fan for the past seven years now, venturing into the blogging community back in 2016. I loved writing when I was younger (and still do!) so it made sense to combine two of my favourite things. This not at all my first attempt at blogging, but it has certainly been my favourite experience thus far and I hope I can continue running this blog for as long as I can. ❤

About The Blog

Writing is something I’ve been passionate about from a very young age. Anime is something I’ve enjoyed since my high school days. Opinionated as a person, it made sense to combine the two and write reviews for everything anime-related. Started in May 2016, the blog has simply gone from strength to strength with posts now also covering a variety of other topics such as Asian dramas, music and video games. The blog has now also become somewhere where anyone can share their opinions on similar topics, with comments initiating plenty of discussion and guest writing now being an option.

Awards & Features

The growing success of the blog has been shown in the past with community-awarded awards and being featured by other bloggers. A list of these can be found below from oldest to newest, as I really appreciate every single one of them!



All reviews are based on the author’s own opinion and there is no intention to force the reader to agree. Wherever there is a quote to back up the point, the respected author will be cited. Fan art is always credited. (updated February 2017)