Boys Like Cute Things Too!: Sanrio Danshi Review

This show was completely a show after my own heart. Sanrio characters, cute boys... Perfect combination in my eyes. But also the story of them feeling uncomfortable and anxious about other students around them finding out that they liked Sanrio characters really touched home.


A Match Made in Heaven?: Masamune-kun no Revenge Review

Don't get me wrong, the story itself is pretty good. This is certainly not your typical harem show by any means, for the show isn't all too predictable and does contain some welcomed plot twists. For the most part, the story was paced at an acceptable speed, but I do think that some elements of the story weren't exactly needed.

Calling All Anime Bloggers And Fans!

Today, my fellow anime blogger Ayano over at KAWAIIPAPERPANDAS has called out for any anime fans - blogger or not! Along with Raistlin - another fellow blogger - she wishes to hold the WordPress Aniblogging Community's very own Anime Awards...but they need judges!

Why? Why? Why?: Ai-Mai-Mi Review

Arguably due to its yon-koma manga style, the plot of Ai-Mai-Mi is far from being coherent. Sometimes, this makes it have a slight charm to it. Most times, however, it's just a mind-hurting experience. If you're here hoping this review is about a serious, logical show, then I suggest you just leave now.