Calling All Anime Bloggers And Fans!

Today, my fellow anime blogger Ayano over at KAWAIIPAPERPANDAS has called out for any anime fans - blogger or not! Along with Raistlin - another fellow blogger - she wishes to hold the WordPress Aniblogging Community's very own Anime Awards...but they need judges!


Introducing: Fandom Friday

Alrighty, so it's been a while but life has truly been hectic what with moving and having a vacation. It's an excuse I use a lot but we're back in the game! And today, I have something really, really exciting to announce for the blog.

Attraction Of Anime Videos, Posts And Podcasts: Your Input Is Required.

Lita Kino is asking some interesting questions and I thought I’d share them here as well, for I’ve often wondered similar questions as well. This post definitely made me think! I definitely think it’s one to think about if you’re a content creator yourself. Personally, it’s made me think about the use of thumbnails and titles, as well as the different types of mediums that people use.


Fellow blogger people, followers, friends your input is required for this post. Putting forward a question or several, that I’ve been curious about personally. About the attraction clicking to listen to a podcast, read a blog post, watch a video.

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